Housing is a human right. In London, we have a housing crisis and high levels of poverty. The numbers are alarming. In our city, we have more than 70,000 people living in poverty. One in four of them are children and London has the third highest rate of child poverty rate in this country. There are over 4,500 people waiting for social housing in London, and our social housing stock is crumbling because of short-sighted decisions made in the ‘90s by Liberal governments. 

For far too long, Conservative and Liberal governments have downplayed the hard realities that our citizens are facing; their half measures have left many Londoners hungry and on the streets.

As a New Democrat, I know we can do better. The NDP has committed to:

  • - Building half a million new affordable housing units across the country.
  • - Ending GST on the building of new affordable units.
  • - Subsidizing renters who spend more than 30 per cent of their income on housing.
  • - Doubling the first-time home buyers' tax credit to $1,500 from $750.
  • - Investing in repairs of social housing.

Poverty is real in London and we need action now.